The Allied Forces Heritage Group

Le Groupe du Patrimoine des Forces Alliées

Special Operations Lysander, Paris, 1946

Projects and Stories

A wide range of true life stories & projects including commemorations, lectures, exhibitions, publishing and events at various stages of design and preparation up to completion. AFHG advises on research, planning, sponsorship and grant aid.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, September 2022

Latest News

Commemorative events across Europe supported, attended or organised by AFHG contributors. Regularly updated details and lists of events completed and planned from Bordeaux to Dusseldorf, Leeds to Arnhem, Paris to London.

Annual AFHG/GPFA event London, 2022

About AFHG

Over 500 organisations and private individuals are connected to the AFHG Network which together amounts to a wide range of knowledge and experienced resource base for media, organisations and government agencies.